Monday, November 22, 2010

Tommy's Favorite Things

Tommy is now a year and a half and I haven't written in forever! Being busy isn't a good excuse but it's the only one I have.
To catch up here's a list of Tommy's favorite things:
  • Talking on the phone. The other day I called and Tommy answered the phone and talked to me for three whole minutes before anyone realized what he was doing.
  • Talking on the calculator. This goes along with the first. He thinks it's a phone and will put it up to his ear and talk. Or he pulls out the buttons.
  • Talking on the remote. Not only does he turn on and off the TV with the remote but he talks on it as if it is a phone. See the first one.
  • Coloring. He all of a sudden enjoys coloring. His favorite color is purple. He takes both of the purple crayons in his hands and only uses those two.
  • Shaking his head no. This is a favorite especially when we're trying to see what he wants to eat.
  • All done. Doesn't matter what he's doing but if he's sick of it he lifts up his hands and says 'all done' and expects to be done. He was doing this over and over again on the airplane while crying...
  • Shoes. He has always liked shoes and is very good about putting them on because that means he gets to go...
  • Outside. This I think is still his favorite thing/word. This was the first one that he learned besides mommy and daddy.
  • Cars. He loves to drive cars. He loves keys and will not settle for toy keys. If you ask him what sound a car makes he makes a revving the engine sound.
  • Computers and all things technology. Tommy will climb on the table to his daddy's laptop and press the keys and move the mouse until we come and get him.
  • Raisins. They make him happy. I can't stand them, but he enjoys them. If he's fussy just give him a small box and he's happy for at least another 10 minutes.
That's about all I can remember right now. This list is ever changing just as Tommy is.

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