Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nosy Neighbor

Our next door neighbor's son has a dog who sometimes visits. It's a little yappy dog that is more scared of Tommy than vice versa. The other day we were outside and we saw the dog's nose through a small hole in the fence. Tommy then went over and peeked through. Adorable.

Red, White, Black and Blue

Our Fourth of July was relatively quiet except that Tommy took a fall the night before (no stitches thankfully). Five minutes later he was running around the living room screaming for fun as usual.
That wasn't about to stop us from having fun though!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

John's Potty Adventure

Yes, that is Tommy on his potty eating, what else?, toilet paper. For the past two days Tommy has been peeing in the toilet after he wakes up in the morning. Then, after he drinks his bottle he slips off somewhere in the house to be alone and 'squat.' John decided that Tommy would squat on the potty chair this morning. He sat Tommy down for a few minutes and nothing happened so John put Tommy in the bath. After a few minutes of playing he squatted again. Back on the chair and still nothing. Finally after several iterations of this John caught Tommy as something fell out of his back-side onto the rug... Still Tommy went poop in the potty chair! John was so excited after that he bounced Tommy up and down then went to wipe him. Next time John will wipe first as he found yet another present on the ground, this time with his slipper...