Sunday, January 24, 2010

John on TV!

How often is it that a short home movie made with your brother gets you on the television? I heard about a contest on the radio to make a short commerical to promote getting screened for cancer about a million times from October to December. I initally thought John would do a great job, but being in school left him no time. I heard it again after Christmas and decided that since John was on Christmas break I'd make him do it. A very wise decision. Don't try, can't win.

Deadline was Dec. 31st and John and Jay filmed it on Dec. 30th and John edited it. We basically forgot about it until John got an email saying he'd won the contest, since they couldn't reach him on the cell phone, common problem. On Friday, Jan. 22nd, John was on the local news and today, Sunday, his commercial aired on local television! It was very fun b/c we had no idea when it would be on.

If you want to see the video here's the link:

Oh, and the best part. John won $2500! Who knows, this could be his lucky break! ;)