Saturday, September 5, 2009

Busy Life

I keep telling myself that I'll do all these things when life slows down. Unfortunately I've been saying that for at least the last 5 years. Between work, school, husband and baby, I don't think that's ever going to happen. Harmony has so lovingly reminded me that I've really slacked off on posting up pictures of Tommy. This blog is dedicated to her.

In August Tommy and I took a trip to Cincinnati. He got to play with his cousins, Grandma Paulson, Uncle Ben and Aunt Kelly all day while I was at a Cooling Tower Conference. He definitely had a better time than I did! Still, it was wonderful to see Colter and his family. We appreciated their hospitality and loved that Grandma and Ben came down to babysit.
Tommy has been drooling non-stop for about a month now. John will often hold Tommy high over his head and sing "Oh I'm just a little white rain cloud hovering over my daddy dear..." Tommy just laughs and rains on you.
Tommy is now at home with his daddy all day while mom works. As you can see he's still alive and happy, so I guess things are going all right. Now that we've been in our home since June, I'm finally starting to feel like it's coming together. I even had book group at my home on Thursday. Tommy enjoyed the ladies and even gave them several laughs. Now that the inside is almost all put together, just organization of the office is left, we're able to work outside the house. I had a fight with some long grass, Persian grass I think, on Friday and fortunately I won! I did come away with horrible looking scratches all over my arms, but the grass is a stub waiting to be dug out.
This next picture I adore! My two boys were hard at work all morning trying to clean up the back yard. Tommy is even wearing his Mr. Fix It overalls.

Tommy is rolling over at night, which means he won't always sleep through the night anymore. Often I'll go in there flip him over and hold my hand on his butt for about 5 minutes before he stops trying to roll over. I just need to teach him to roll back over so that he can fall asleep himself. He smiles and laughs almost constantly. What a joy he is to have around! I can't imagine our life without him.