Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good Aim

I was very fortunate to find a nice diaper bag with many pockets. I've claimed only one pocket for my own stuff on the outside of the diaper bag. Usually there resides some lotion, my sunglasses, lipgloss and my cell phone. This morning Tommy woke up crying. He had a messy diaper when it's usually just wet. I was changing him on the floor since I'm at my parent's home and I turn around to grab the pacifier. I face Tommy and see that he is peeing directly into the diaper bag pocket with all my stuff in it.
Of course after he finished peeing and pooping again (don't worry, that was into the messy diaper) he was all smiles. He knew that he peed where he shouldn't. What a silly boy.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our New Home

It's official, we own our own home! It was nice being debt free, but we just felt way too un-American, so we decied to put up our first born as collateral on the loan. Don't worry, Tommy is worth much more to us than the house. :) The home isn't far from where we live right now. We were supposed to close on the 12th of June, but if you've ever purchased a home you know what a headache all the logistics can be. There was a real rush to get the home appraised since there is a large demand right now, then our home owners' insurance company wasn't responding but all that got worked out and it was the money that held it up. After getting misleading information from the Title company, my bank didn't transfer the funds until 3p on Friday, which apparently is too late.
The frusterating part is that we lost a Saturday that we could have been working on the home. Instead John went up to Silverwood, a theme park in Idaho, with his siblings and I was at home with Tommy. Of course that is the afternoon/evening he decides to be more fussy than he has ever been in his life. I survived and graciously, John took care of Tommy most of the day on Sunday to give me a break.
We will be cleaning and fixing up the house the way we want it and then John will finish moving us in at the end of the month while Tommy and I are in Michigan. It will be the best move yet.
Also yesterday, the 15th, Tommy turned one month old! He seems to be growing and gaining weight each day. I have heard that the reason why women have more children is that they can't exactly remember just how painful childbirth was. That is true for me, I remember it hurt really bad, but every time I hold my sweet boy I forget a little more just how painful it was.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Pictures

I guess I better get some pictures of Tommy up on the website since he is the reason why I started this post. This was taken when he was three weeks old. A very handsome boy just like his father!

I took Tommy to a doctor appointment yesterday so they could take a look at his heart. He has a slight murmur, but nothing beyond the normal newborn. They weighted him and at three and a half weeks he had gained over two pounds since birth! He was 10lb 15oz! What a gigantic baby! Also during the appointment while they looked at his heart on the ultrasound he had a major bowel movement and I changed him after they were done on the exam table. Just as I was reaching for a wipe he starts peeing and got himself square in the face! I know he was aiming for me, but he was a little off. :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First Blog Entry

I guess that it's about time I start my own blog as I have been asked many times if I have one. I am starting this at a really fun time of life. Our little Tommy is three weeks old and we absolutely love having him. He is a very happy baby besides the time when his gas is bothering him, then he lets you know he's in pain by wimpering and tearing my heart out when I hear it. So Tommy and I took a walk to the drugstore this morning, 1 hour 20 min (!), and got him some gas drops. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they work.

This week is really exciting because John is no longer working 80 hours a week. The outage isn't over, but his part in it is. Last night he kept thinking that it was time for him to go to bed while it was still early. Also, on Friday we close on our home! We're not moving immediately because we want to make some changes before we get in. I'm still trying to pack a few boxes here and there while Tommy is asleep.

Short post, but Tommy is no longer happily occupied...